A mime show with lots of strange sounds and unknown voices, Out of Place is the creation of Eddy Castors and Guerassim Dichliev, a Bulgarian actor who worked with Marcel Marceau. In this frantic performance, Guerassim is a middle-aged man finding himself in extravagant situations, where he wasn’t invited and never belonged. In search for his place, this unstoppable mime flirts with the unknown, falls into the unexpected, and finds himself running after an identity. Romance, adventures, and misunderstandings fill the show in a speedy sequence of drama and comedy. Those who always know their place will be invited to the stage.

Dixon Place, an incubator for performing and literary artists since 1986, is a non-profit organization committed to supporting the creative process by presenting original works of dance, theater, music, puppetry, literature, performance and visual art at all stages of development.


Presenting over 700 artists each year, this local haven inspires and encourages diverse artists of all stripes and callings to take risks and push personal and professional limits. Dixon Place’s foremost priorities are to serve as a safety net for artists, and to provide vivid experiences for audiences.


Dixon Place is the only non-profit theatre of its size to own and operate a full-service cocktail lounge where all profits are returned to the organization to support their artists and mission. The full-service cocktail lounge is open to the public from 6PM to closing with all profits supporting the Dixon Place artists and mission.

161A Chrystie Street, NY 10002

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