Guerassim Dichliev, born in Svilengrad, Bulgaria, is a mime actor based in Paris, France. Guerassim studied at the National Academy of Cinema and Theater of Sofia, Bulgaria. He moved to Paris in 1993 to pursue artistic development as a student of Marcel Marceau. Guerassim graduated at the Marcel Marceau International School of Mimodrame of Paris in 1996. Upon his graduation, he was invited by the late Master to teach at the school and become a member of Marceau's troupe. Guerassim performed with Marcel Marceau in Taiwan, Japan, United States, South America, and Europe.

For more than two decades, Guerassim has created and performed his own shows. Throughout the years, he presented his art in more than thirty countries; enchanting seniors, kids, and audiences from all backgrounds. Guerassim has shown his art to inmates, farmers, and black-tied spectators.

Guerassim’s past and present works, and worldwide journeys, are on display at

A Monologue With A Suitcase is the creation of Guerassim Dichliev and Costantino Raimondi. Guerassim met Costantino at the Marceau School in 1996. From mutual admiration, several performances were born.

From the 28th of November through the 31st of December of 2017, Guerassim Dichliev will play the Master of Ceremonies in La Bohème at the Opéra Bastille, the most important Parisian opera house.

Guerassim remains a mime teacher giving week-long workshops in Paris and abroad.